3 Tips to Reduce Stress During Graduation/Wedding/AndOtherEvents Season

The month of May here in the Northeast kicks off the season of ‘lots of events’. From graduations to weddings to backyard BBQ’s, it seems every weekend beginning in May is booked solid with invitations to different gatherings.  And while it all sounds lovely, it can be quite stressful as well.

Here are 3 tips to help you get through this busy season without pulling your hair out, or worse, coming down with a spring cold that keeps you from enjoying the start of the season.

Choose wisely.  Just because you receive an invitation doesn’t mean that you have to attend.  Start by eliminating the word ‘should’ from your decision making process, as in, I don’t really want to attend this event but I feel like I should.  Make the choice to attend only those events that you truly want to be a part of.  Think of it from the host’s point of view, if you were hosing an event would you want people there that didn’t really want to be there but came anyway because they felt that they had to?  No? I didn’t think so!

Give yourself permission to simplify.  Don’t have time to purchase a gift? Give cash or a gift card.  Don’t have time to whip up your famous casserole for that backyard BBQ? Bring something store bought.  Remember that gatherings are really about reconnecting with friends and family, not about the food or the gifts.

Go in with a plan.  If you are attending an event that includes seeing some people that you really don’t want to interact with (in laws, that cousin who hasn’t spoken to you in 10 years), decide ahead of time how you will deal with it.  Before I go into a family event with a relative that won’t speak to me, I set an intention that I will be polite and respectful regardless of what I encounter.  And I always have an exit strategy – if things start to go south I already have an excuse for making a graceful early departure.

Don’t let stress suck the joy out of a season that brings people together!  Just by making these small tweaks you can sail through May and enjoy the busyness instead of letting it stress you out.


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