4 Questions with Cassy Berthiaume, Founder of The Zen Singing

What one simple activity do you practice consistently that increases your joy, peace, calmness, focus, bliss?

Singing! For a too long time, I was singing for everyone, except myself. Now, I understand that when I sing or write a song, it is to express myself, release negativity and replace it with a warm feeling of joy. Doing daily warm ups is also a way to connect myself in the ”here and now”.

What place or surroundings bring you the most joy?

In my family’s home or in the forest, near a lake. So peaceful!

Name one moment of awareness that has changed everything for you.

On August 2013, I decided to tell myself (and the others) YES when I feel like a YES, and NO when I feel like a NO. I started meditation, yoga and… Singing for myself !

When faced with a stressful situation, what do you do to get through it with grace and ease?

I meditate and pray. I believe in angels and spiritual guides, so I speak to mine every night and in every – stressful or not – situation. Everything suddenly gets clearer.


Cassy is a French Canadian, singer-songwriter and a vocal coach since 2004. She discovered few years ago that singing can make miracles to heal someone’s life. She made her students better singers, but also aware of their bodies, needs, reduce their stress, making them not just believe but achieving their dreams. From this is born The Zen Singing, a vocal approach to connect the voice, body and mind.


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