4 Questions with Jimena Ballén Tallada

 What one simple activity do you practice consistently that increases your joy, peace, calmness, focus, bliss?

If I have to choose one activity, I would say that is meditation. I started a few months ago, and definitely it´s a beautiful moment in my day that changes everything. I learned it by myself, I started looking for some peace, to stop or reduce my anxiety. I began sitting on the floor, closing my eyes and breathing, then I learned some techniques of mindfulness that gave me more answers, but I think I am on my way to creating my own method. Sometimes I woke up late, but I told myself that I need a few minutes for me to start in a different way. And it´s wonderful, sometimes it´s not easy, but it´s good for me, for my body, for my peace.

What place or surroundings bring you the most joy?

The beach or quite places like a park, places that have a lot of nature, big gardens, when I can see a beautiful sky. A place that I can disconnect from traffic. I love to see the ocean, to breath sea breeze.

Name one moment of awareness that has changed everything for you.

When I was studying my specialization in body coaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Coach told us to imagine inside our body something that is bothering us. In that moment I thought that I didn´t have anything, then I began to move my body, and there was an image that was like a fireball. In that moment I knew the meaning of that fireball, but my mind told me that I didn´t want to work around that event. In that moment, I knew what that fireball represented: an event that hurt me too much, many years ago. However, my body told me another thing, that I wasn´t over that event, and I need it to work. I chose to work, to feel it. I cried a lot, I moved my body, and created different states, and then I found peace. That day I discovered that my body knows what I need, and that is so important for me to listen, to feel and to follow it.

When faced with a stressful situation what do you do to get through it with grace and ease?

The breathing and the connection with my body. When I am really stress, I take 5 or 10 minutes to breathe slowly, sometimes I close my eyes, and only concentrate on breathing.

Another way is to go for a run or to energize my body; something changes in me when I pass through my body.

Sometimes I tell myself that I can, that I am a woman with power, and I remember events that showed me or demonstrate that I could, and if I could in the past, I can do it today.

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