4 Questions with Michelle Girasole

What one simple activity do you practice consistently that increases your joy, peace, calmness, focus, bliss?

I really find this to be seasonal – in the winter and early spring, my joy and peace and focus comes from my journaling practice.  I get up an hour or two before my family, grab a cup of tea and a blanket, and my basket of journals, books, pens, and meditation “tools”.  Sometimes light a candle. Sometimes the cat crawls into my lap to join me.  This hour of centering before starting my day is enormously grounding during the chaotic holidays and following months which are traditionally very busy in my business.

In the late spring through early fall, I go to the beach.  A lot.  The sand, the sun, the ocean waves, the smell of sunscreen – it all brings me back to my happy childhood memories and I feel bliss and contentment almost instantly!

What place or surroundings bring you the most joy?

Place of JOY – all nature > a walk or picnic on the beach, a mountain, the woods.  I feel most connected to the ocean.

Name one moment of awareness that has changed everything for you.

One moment of awareness that changed everything…  Wow good question.

I have been so fortunate through my work to connect with so many coaches, and one coaching moment was transformational.  My “grace and ease coach” Joan Dwyer, of All That Matters, once suggested that I was an “idea-a-holic” .  Because I am wildly creative, and have lots of ideas, I get excited when a new idea pops into my head.  I was not aware that that was creating chaos in my work.  She challenged me to a two week ‘idea fast” – to not act on any ideas AT ALL.  I thought she was insane.  But I listened, and practiced, and sure enough I became aware that I was a channel for fresh ideas.  I see visions of what is possible, but I didn’t have to make it all happen.  By consciously stopping to take action on all ideas, I became much more centered in my work.

When faced with a stressful situation what do you do to get through it with grace and ease?

Stressful Situation > Breathe.  I have learned to stop and breathe.  It really is that simple. Even in the midst of a stressful situation, a deep breathe lets go of so much stress and allows your brain to think clearly. It works.  Try it!

 Michelle is the mastermind behind Fresh, LLC, a public relations firm representing only fresh and organic food brands. Through local events and media, online sites and community sponsorship, we connect food, folks and fun!
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