4 Questions with Monica Jones

What one simple activity do you practice consistently that increases your joy, peace, calmness, focus, and bliss?

I do different things, but one of my favorites is to sit in my backyard find inner silence and enjoy the view; the birds, the butterflies, the sun, the wind, the clouds. It connects me to the core of my being; and with the “ALL”.

What place or surroundings bring you the most joy?

Any place outdoors. Mother Earth has its own magic and I enjoy connecting with it.

Name one moment of awareness that has changed everything for you.

Throughout the years, I have had and still have many “aha” moments that changes everything for me. The awareness that we are never done, that we are constantly changing, growing, and evolving is life changing.

When faced with a stressful situation what do you do to get through it with grace and ease?

I let it be. I believe that a stressful situation has many gifts for us if we only take the time to be with it instead of fleeing from it. After the situation has passed I often step back and up to detached from it and see the bigger picture, learning so much about me.


Monica Jones


Monica Jones is the founder of From Loss to Love, a Grief Transformation Guide, Writer, Karuna/Reiki Master, Bereaved Parent, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Meditation and Yoga Instructor, with the mission to assist grieving souls by providing them with the tools needed to heal many layers of the self which results in not only inner transformation but in a new way of flowing through life from a place of love and happiness regardless of any conditions. In this understanding you will re-discover your unique divine nature, inner and universal power.


www.fromlosstolove.com & www.facebook.com/fromlosstolove

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