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Workshop: Living an Abundant Life

What does abundance mean to you?  More money?  More time? More bliss?  Join Bliss More, Stress Less’s Stephanie Osborn in collaboration with Karen Doyle of Brayton Cottage for a mini retreat focused on creating more abundance in your life!

Creating a life of abundance, regardless of how you define abundance, is a simple process.   While the steps may not always be easy, they are simple to learn and implement.

In this workshop you’ll learn the simple steps to creating more abundance in your life:

  • identifying and removing your blocks to abundance
  • shifting your mindset
  • creating daily rituals and the support you need to receive abundance

you’ll create an inspiration board that will help guide you after the class


receive a special gift handmade by Karen!


The details:

Where: East Bay Chamber of Commerce

When: Saturday, May 14th, 10am – 12pm


Beverages and snacks provided

Cost: $30 before May 7th, $40 after the 7th

Send us an email to reserve your spot today!

3 Tips to Reduce Stress During Graduation/Wedding/AndOtherEvents Season

The month of May here in the Northeast kicks off the season of ‘lots of events’. From graduations to weddings to backyard BBQ’s, it seems every weekend beginning in May is booked solid with invitations to different gatherings.  And while it all sounds lovely, it can be quite stressful as well.

Here are 3 tips to help you get through this busy season without pulling your hair out, or worse, coming down with a spring cold that keeps you from enjoying the start of the season.

Choose wisely.  Just because you receive an invitation doesn’t mean that you have to attend.  Start by eliminating the word ‘should’ from your decision making process, as in, I don’t really want to attend this event but I feel like I should.  Make the choice to attend only those events that you truly want to be a part of.  Think of it from the host’s point of view, if you were hosing an event would you want people there that didn’t really want to be there but came anyway because they felt that they had to?  No? I didn’t think so!

Give yourself permission to simplify.  Don’t have time to purchase a gift? Give cash or a gift card.  Don’t have time to whip up your famous casserole for that backyard BBQ? Bring something store bought.  Remember that gatherings are really about reconnecting with friends and family, not about the food or the gifts.

Go in with a plan.  If you are attending an event that includes seeing some people that you really don’t want to interact with (in laws, that cousin who hasn’t spoken to you in 10 years), decide ahead of time how you will deal with it.  Before I go into a family event with a relative that won’t speak to me, I set an intention that I will be polite and respectful regardless of what I encounter.  And I always have an exit strategy – if things start to go south I already have an excuse for making a graceful early departure.

Don’t let stress suck the joy out of a season that brings people together!  Just by making these small tweaks you can sail through May and enjoy the busyness instead of letting it stress you out.


If stress is taking over your life, reach out to me fora free 30 minute consultation

Saying Yes When You Really Feel Like “Not Really”

I’d like to challenge you to examine the belief that saying yes to what you don’t want and no to what you do want is selfish.

This thought pattern is insidious and one that most contributes to chronic stress.

There are more demands on our time in 2016 than there ever were 10, 20, and 30 years ago for women.  How many Facebook event invites do you get each week? How many emails do you get each day?

It’s insane.  And impossible to keep up.  And, so stressful.  And, unnecessary.

As women, we thrive on multitasking and the sense of accomplishment we get from checking as many items off our to-do list each day.  But is this the life we truly want?

Are you passing up opportunities that you would love because you are too busy committing to things you don’t love?  Thinking that you would be selfish if you made your choices about how you spend your time based solely on what you most enjoy doing?

Then I challenge you to examine this belief, that your happiness comes at the expense of someone else’s, that if you don’t say yes to something you will hurt someone’s feelings, or cause harm in some way.  It simply isn’t true.

Here’s the truth, when we say yes to what we DO want and NO to what we don’t want, we become the best version of ourselves.  And being the best version of ourselves inspires those around us to be the best version of themselves.  We light the path for others.

If you need a mantra to help you with this, I love “I give my best, and leave the rest” (credit to Erin Strutland for this one).  Because to give your best, you must first start with yourself.


Color Away Your Stress

Join Bliss More, Stress Less at Panera Bread in Seekonk, MA

Monday, January 25th 7pm

Feel free to bring your own coloring books, but coloring pages, crayons and colored pencils will be provided.

Coloring for adults is the latest craze in the pursuit of stress reduction activities.  Coloring requires mindfulness and regularly practicing mindfulness reduces stress.  Plus, it’s really a good  time!

There is no charge for this activity, but please do show Panera some love and get a tea or coffee to sip while you color.

colored pencils


5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

wrapping paper messI am always amazed this time of year by just the sheer volume of things that must be done.  Shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, cooking, writing out/mailing cards, decorating, office parties, school pageants, pictures with Santa. And then there’s the stress of dealing with relatives that you may not get along with, like in-laws or ex spouses.  It’s really a wonder that most of us don’t pull the covers over our heads and sleep right through Christmas day.

But in the past few years I have breezed through the holiday season, enjoying every moment!  When I shifted my life a few years ago from stressed and overwhelmed to happy and peaceful, I got really clear on what I needed to do to not just survive the holidays but to thrive during my most favorite season.  Yes, it is possible.

Here’s my top 5 tips:

Get clear on what you really enjoy doing this time of year. Zero in on the top 4 or 5  activities or events that you really want to do or attend.  Think about which ones out of all the ones that you can do, that you really want to do.  Then say Yes to those events and give yourself permission to decline or say no to all the rest.  You can’t do it all and attempts to do so just leave you exhausted.

Shred your holiday ‘shoulds’. Don’t feel like decorating or sending Christmas cards but that voice in your head says, “yeah, but you really should do that stuff”?  Well this year say “no more!” to that voice.  Write down all the holiday things you feel you should be doing, but don’t really want to do.  Take that paper and shred it or toss it in the fireplace and burn it.

Let go of perfection.  I have a relative that used to host Thanksgiving every year.  If the gravy came out lumpy or the turkey a little dry, she would become so upset over it that she would get a migraine that put her in bed for days. This happened year after year.  She was so focused on her vision of holiday perfection (and what didn’t meet her high expectations) that she missed out on enjoying the company of her family and friends.  You find what you look for so look for those moments of happiness, joy and laughter.

Put self-care on your schedule. Take out your calendar or daily planner.  Look to see where you can schedule in time for a massage, meeting a friend for a cup of tea or glass of wine, or getting outside and going for a walk.  If your schedule is really tight, aim for 5 minutes each day of self-care.  Think of all the things you could do for 5 minutes that wold leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished.  You could meditate, practice mindfulness, go for a walk, read a book, do some stretching, listen to music, make yourself a cup of tea and sit and enjoy it.

Have a plan.  Go into a stressful holiday situation with some thought as to how you will respond to drama or negativity.  You might not get to choose your circumstance but you do get to choose how you respond to it.  You may decide to walk away or use a breathing technique to help you through it.  Try to remember that everyone is on their own journey, they might not be at the same place that  you are at in your journey and that is ok.  Resist the urge to judge, and choose the best course of action for yourself.


Visit La Salette Shrine

Rosary_Pond_Christmas_6I have loved Christmas lights ever since I can remember.  There’s something magical about them, and looking at them really puts me into the spirit of the holidays.

La Salette is a shrine in Attleboro that has over 300,000 Christmas lights strung through the trees and other parts of the property.  It’s beautiful and peaceful, a holiday experience not to be missed!

Join Bliss More, Stress Less for this free meetup on Sunday, December 6th at 5pm.  We’ll walk around the shrine and maybe pop into the cafeteria for some hot chocolate afterwards.  Visit Bliss More, Stress Less’s Meetup page to RSVP to this event.

Putting the Happy Back in Your Holidays!

I will be teaching this class Tuesday, Dec 1st at the Empowerment Factory.  This class is free, but registration is required.  Please register here through Eventbrite.

Put the Happy Back in Your Holidays frazzled holiday woman
Stephanie Osborn, founder of Bliss More, Stress Less will lead this workshop that has been designed so that you will:
experience more inner peace during the holiday season
learn how to recharge your soul when the holiday stress begins
truly enjoy this holiday season!
Participants will also complete a small craft that will help to remind them of what they learn in the workshop

Meetup at Roger Williams Park Botanical Center 11/27 11am

2015-10-13 12.08.42

If you are looking for a peaceful place to just chill out after round 1 of the holiday madness, I can’t think of place better than the Botanical Center in Providence, RI!

There’s no charge for this get together but there is a $5 admission fee to get into the Gardens.

This is a great place to just sit and reflect so be sure to bring your journals.

Sign up via Meetup