"As a business start-up (and then, as a startup expert!) over the last 20 years, I have observed that many people try to go it alone and fail.  Or, they try to collaborate and face pitfalls along the way.  I have had many opportunities to partner with people, and have learned along the way that we can do far more together than we can do on our own.  My goal for 2020 is to advise people to work together more strategically in their business and personal growth."

Michelle Girasole

Why help Michelle promote her masterclass?

Because your business and free gift will get exposure to an audience of tens of thousands of people.  By collaborating with Michelle's network of business owners, you  can grow your digital audience!

What You’ll Need to Signup

  • offer a free gift/lead magnet (service/product, PDF, discounts, assessments, etc.  - we can help brainstorm with you)
  • contribute a small, one-time promo fee of $50 to cover our costs

What Happens Before the Masterclass

You will promote the free masterclass to your own list/social media following beginning 2 weeks before the live event.

Don't worry, we will have a  toolbox for you with everything you need to promote this - emails, posts, and graphics for you to use.  You simply just need to copy and paste

What You'll Get

A list of new leads!  Everyone who downloads your free gift/lead magnet will be tracked (we'll capture their email address and name) and you will be given the list.  

Yes, I want to sign  up to be a promotion partner for "How to Grow Faster by Creating Alliances"  and have my business and free gift/lead magnet be seen by thousands of new potential clients!  Cost is $50

About Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie creates aligned cross promotional opportunities for small business owners.  She is the founder of Bliss More, Stress Less marketing, and knows that small business marketing can be easy, effective and affordable.