Live in the Moment

I am an expert at living in the future, and an expert, as well, at living in the past.

I have generalized anxiety, something I have had ever since I can remember, and all the worrying that I do places my focus on the future, and a lot of the worrying stems from things that have happened in the past.  I tend to go back over events, replaying them in my mind, figuring out what I could have done differently.

But I can’t change the past.

Alternatively, I also tend to play out scenes in my head that have  yet to occur.  And most likely never will.  And although I’d love to think that I can, I also cannot predict the future.

So instead, now, I choose to focus on the present moment.  On what can I do right now or today that will bring me closer to my goals.  This doesn’t mean that I never think about the past or the future, but I do so now with the awareness that I cannot change the past and I cannot control the future.  All I can control is right now, and how I act, and how I react to that around me.

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