Saying Yes When You Really Feel Like “Not Really” 

 March 20, 2016

By  spe5376@gmail.com

I’d like to challenge you to examine the belief that saying yes to what you don’t want and no to what you do want is selfish.

This thought pattern is insidious and one that most contributes to chronic stress.

There are more demands on our time in 2016 than there ever were 10, 20, and 30 years ago for women.  How many Facebook event invites do you get each week? How many emails do you get each day?

It’s insane.  And impossible to keep up.  And, so stressful.  And, unnecessary.

As women, we thrive on multitasking and the sense of accomplishment we get from checking as many items off our to-do list each day.  But is this the life we truly want?

Are you passing up opportunities that you would love because you are too busy committing to things you don’t love?  Thinking that you would be selfish if you made your choices about how you spend your time based solely on what you most enjoy doing?

Then I challenge you to examine this belief, that your happiness comes at the expense of someone else’s, that if you don’t say yes to something you will hurt someone’s feelings, or cause harm in some way.  It simply isn’t true.

Here’s the truth, when we say yes to what we DO want and NO to what we don’t want, we become the best version of ourselves.  And being the best version of ourselves inspires those around us to be the best version of themselves.  We light the path for others.

If you need a mantra to help you with this, I love “I give my best, and leave the rest” (credit to Erin Strutland for this one).  Because to give your best, you must first start with yourself.



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