For Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals

I work with my clients to co-create a marketing resolution that aligns with their strengths and personality.  This helps them to attract more ideal clients with less effort, and to enjoy the marketing process.

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The discovery session is an assessment of your current marketing strategy and processes.  The assessment will show you where the opportunities are in your current strategy for improvement and how to improve your marketing strategy and processes.


This is an easy way to jump start a specific marketing goal.  Sometimes you just need a guided planning session to map out a process or a high level goal and the steps to achieve that goal.  An intensive is either half day (3 hours) or a full day (6 hours).  Intensives can be either in person or virtual. Also includes 30 minute discovery call prior to the intensive and a 30 minute follow-p call to be scheduled one month after the intensive.  
$395 for half day 
$697 for full day

60 Day Coaching Intensive

Aligning Passion with Promotion In this program we'll work together to build your effortless marketing strategy that attracts your ideal clients to you. This is a fast paced, intensive private coaching program designed to get you up and running with a successful, solid marketing process that is easy to implement.